CALL OF DUTY — An Interview with Composer Jack Wall

I recently had the chance to have a Skype session with Jack Wall, the man behind the music of the latest release from the Call of Duty franchise. His soundtrack has some wonderful and very unexpected surprises, which is partially owed to the direction of the Zombies offshoot that Treyarch has introduced. 

For years, we have had the privilege of experiencing some world-class soundtrack composition from Jack Wall, such as what we can hear in Myst 4, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect to name a few titles. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, you can expect that his caliber of composition has only reached all new levels. It is everything you could expect from Jack Wall, plus a ton more. We’ve heard him deliver amazing epic pieces, beautiful ambient/electronic arrangements, but…big band? Yes, you will hear some big band along with Jack’s traditional electronic and orchestral styles in this album. With the help of virtuoso cellist Tina Guo, outstanding vocals from Antonia Bennett, as well as lyrics and vocal contributions by Rob and Cindy Shapiro, the collaborations in this album have helped craft a very diverse and original sound that tells a very dynamic and intriguing new story in the Call of Duty series. 

Hit the play button below to find out exactly what made such an ambitious project come together so well and what it took to get there. Also enjoy the comedic gold of some of the game’s Perk Jingles such as Mule Kick--they actually managed to work in the sound of a donkey, and it is tops. This soundtrack has an unbelievable amount of range. From the seriously intense and beautiful, to the seriously ridiculous, it is an entertaining and inspiring listening experience that people of any variety of musical tastes can treat themselves to

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