CALL OF DUTY Heads To Mobile Devices This Year


A new Call of Duty title is in the works for mobile devices set to launch this year. Tentatively titled Call of Duty: Mobile, is being developed by Tencent’s Timi studio and will utilize the Unity engine. Call of Duty: Mobile appears to be a greatest hits as it were of many maps, weapons and characters from past Call of Duty games from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops story lines. Revealed gametypes so far include the traditional Team Deathmatch and other fan favorites like Search and Destroy. Activision has also revealed that “other modes” besides PvP will be revealed at a later date.

So far release for Call of Duty: Mobile has been confirmed for both Android and iOS devices in North and South America as well as Europe. A beta for the title has also been announced for player to try out this summer and registration is open now.

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