CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE Cross Play Will Be Based On Input Methods

The Announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was exciting for a number of different reason. For me though the fact that complete cross-play would be available at launch was the biggest! No longer will friends be locked out from paying with one another based of preferred platform. However cross-play does bring its own set of challenges into the mix when it comes to fair play. Keyboard and Mouse players would hold the definite advantage over controller players so the thought of cross-play does worry some.

Fear not though my console warriors it appears that cross-play will be based on proffered input method! According to a new report coming out of Forbes, players will be matched according to input method and console players won’t be matched with PC players unless being in a party with a friend playing on PC. this system is similar to how Fortnite handles its cross-play so it is a proven method to keep matching fair.

How do you feel about Call of Duty Launching with cross-play? is it going to affect where you buy the game? Let us know below!