Cancelled Game Boy Color RPG Suddenly Appears Online With New Trailer 15 Years Later

It's not common, but every so often a previously cancelled game can find new life on another platform. I've never heard of that happening with a Game Boy Color release. However, RetroCollect says Affinx Gaming is trying that exact thing with their once forgotten RPG Infinity.


Infinity was originally slated for a 2001 release, but was lost in the fold when Nintendo made the switch from Game Boy Color to Game Boy Advance. The game was noted at the time for having a unique combat system, but now it's being known as one of the most visually impressive games to appear on a Game Boy Color. Take a look...

Try to remember in terms of Game Boy Color graphics Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow was considered one of the consoles most impressive titles. Turns out you can make a pretty awesome game for the Gameboy Color if you wait about 15 years.

No physical copies of the game will be released, but Affinx thinks they'll release the game digitally. Whether it appears on the Nintendo e-shop, Steam, or otherwise remains to be seen!

Watching the gameplay footage it gave me a Golden Sun meets Final Fantasy Tactics vibe...which if you've played either you know sounds like a dream. I'm hoping to try it out! Check out the website for the game right here.