Capcom Debuts Season 2 Of STREET FIGHTER V With Akuma And 92 Pages Worth Of Changes To The Game

Season 2 of Street Fighter V is here and with it a new fighter and a TON of balancing changes. Capcom has kicked off the new season with villain Akuma as well as a 92 page PDF detailing the balancing changes and other stuff added to the game. You can read that if you really want, but thanks to the folks at Eurogamer we have some quick highlights that are worth knowing...

That's the bulk of it, but they made a ton of tweaks to specific character attacks that will be worth checking out if you're wondering what happened to your main. The season 2 season pass will run for $29.99 and will give players five new characters (Akuma included) premium costumes and a custom PS4 theme. 

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