Capcom Is Releasing MEGAMAN X DIVE On Mobile Later In 2019!

While you can go into the store now and find many of the classic MEGAMAN titles available for mobile, Capcom has announced that they are launching a brand new game specifically set up for mobile devices! MEGAMAN X DiVE is a brand new upcoming mobile game that is going to feature gameplay and story elements from the MEGAMAN X series such as side-scrolling, boss with variety of attributes or transferred into weapons by adsorbing boss.

Along with providing the classic MEGAMAN games with the classic game mechanics, including jumping, climbing, dash and shooting, they plan on providing high quality graphics. They are using a 3D developed style and will optimize the “Depth of field” element in game. All this with a story that is based on the computer world where the game data of “MEGAMAN X Series” was stored called “Deep Log,” where the computer world turns into chaos and needs you to “Repair” urgently! This means we will get to play as more than just MEGAMAN, but also other fan favorite characters like X, Zero, Axl and more.

While it may be a bit sceptical to see the next MEGAMAN game to be launching for mobile devices, it seems that they are on track to entertain classic fans while getting some new fans for the series. Either way, I am excited to see what they manage to do with this new game! What are your thoughts on MEGAMNA X DiVE?