Capcom Planning Big Things For RESIDENT EVIL In 2017

I fiscal report has revealed Capcom has big plans for Resident Evil in 2017. A Neogaf thread user pulled the following statement that says "a full-scale offensive" is in the works for the franchise...

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, the Company is scheduled to release [...] Resident Evil Umbrella Corps (for PlayStation 4 and PC) of the Resident Evil series, which marked its 20th anniversary in March 2016, as warm up to the full-scale offensive planned for the second half of the year."

So what could that mean? Well, it could literally mean anything, but we do as IGN points out that the company is in the works of remastering Resident Evil 2. We could be seeing that, maybe a mobile game, or even the unveiling of Resident Evil 7.

Personally, I would be cool if they would spend more time than not working on the next major Resident Evil. The series has hit a couple of bumps since peaking with Resident Evil 4, and I would love to see them get back to that. What's your take?