Capcom Says No Quicktime Events In RESIDENT EVIL 7

Quick time events are out for Resident Evil 7 according to Destructoid. The news was announced at a Q&A session in which Masachika Kawata and Kōshi Nakanishi gave several details regarding the new game...

"I know there are a lot of people who will be relieved to hear that,"

The two also addressed fans concerns that other elements from the series would be missing as well...

"In the 20 year history of Resident Evil, you know that the key pillars of the game are fear and horror, exploration of the environment, puzzle-solving elements, resource management, and combat against enemies...Those are all in this game, but we wanted to start off with the first two -- horror and exploration -- and get you experiencing those two pillars up front. If you're thinking that because those other elements aren't in the demo, that they won't be in the game, that's not the case. We're focusing up front about the message of horror coming home in this demo."

I, for one, am glad to be hearing about all these changes! I was never a huge fan of the quick time events and thought they were primarily a way to speed up what could, at times, be a slow game. Perhaps the change to first person perspective nixes the need for action to be upped using button mashing?

I do like the fact that they're trying to put the Horror aspect into the franchise once again. The last couple entries felt like a zombie action film rather than something I can be creeped out by. Looks like Resident Evil may be changing for the better!