Capcom Showcases STREET FIGHTER II First Person Mode On Nintendo Switch

As we mentioned weeks ago, the Japanese teaser for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers teased a first person mode that someone would play with JoyCons. Today, we learn that mode is officially called "Way Of The Hado", and it looks very poorly put together. If the video play doesn't autoplay sometime around 2:57:00 make sure it's there before watching.

The input started out strong but then got a bit shit near the end of the demo. This looks to be more of a Capcom problem as I've yet to hear anything negative about input on Arms from those that have tried it out. Perhaps the mode was shoehorned in without much care and just as a novelty. Let's hope this isn't a foreshadowing of third party developers not having a firm grasp on developing Joy Con motion controls. Luckily, the console is not reliant on this playstyle so I'm not all that worried whether Capcom can make it work or not. I'm just saying it'd be cool to use those controls in Resident Evil 7 should the game ever make it's way to the console!

Source: VG247