Capcom Throws In Weird And Mysterious VR Teaser In Trailer For STREET FIGHTER 2 THE FINAL CHALLENGERS

I desperately wish I spoke Japanese because I want to know what the hell happened in the middle of this trailer for Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers! What starts as a trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game quickly shows a glimpse of Ryu hitting M. Bison with a Hadouken from a first person perspective. Check out the clip at 2:06 and continue reading below...

So what was that about?! Was that a tease that the Switch is getting first person battles for the upcoming game? Whatever it is, I desperately want to know. My guess is there will be some mode where people will be able to fight via the JoyCon, or perhaps it's some new arcade game they teased in the midst of a trailer for something completely unrelated. I'm inclined to believe the former of those two but I have no idea if that's just wishful thinking! What do you think?

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