Cat-Based Open-World Mystery Game PEACE ISLAND Continues To Make Progress

Going around an empty town as a cat isn’t something you would have thought you wanted until you first heard that it exists. This game is called Peace Island and it is being developed by indie developer Eric Blumrich. He has taken a bit of an interesting approach with his project, but it seems to be working out as his latest Kickstarter for the game was a success by almost 200%.

Placed in a Maine-based island town where all the humans have disappeared, nine cats must work together to survive while figuring out what has happened. As a story-driven adventure game that is focused more on discovery and exploration, rather than combat, players will have the opportunity to experience multiple divergent storylines. Everything you do brings you closer to an answer to the ultimate question: Are the humans worth bringing back?

You can expect to face an invasive, destructive species around the island that need to be contained and may be the key to your survival. There will also be less-than-friendly animals you will encounter and need to gain their trust for safe passage and unlock new side quests. While gaining new friends around the island, you will get to explore within buildings and through the streets, discover the truth behind what has happened, and enjoy the semi-relaxing life of being a cat!

Currently, there is only a Peace Island Demo that was originally only given to Kickstarter supporters, but you can still gain access by supporting the developers Patreon. There is no notice on when the full game will be available, but PC and Mac players can enjoy the early days of this game. They do regular updates and recently announced that a new Alpha version will be out at the end of October.

What are your thoughts on this demo-only cat-based open-world adventure game?