CD Projekt Red Redesigns GWENT Card Game Ahead of its October Release


Gwent, the collectible card game from CD Projekt Red is getting a massive redesign. In an announcement via the game’s official website, the developer revealed that the game is now named Gwent Homecoming. CD Projekt Red said that the team would need six months of “focused development” to complete the project. 

“We have never accepted ‘good enough’ at our company,” CD Projekt said in the announcement. “We have always taken risks and made bold decisions if we believed they would result in a better game. And, you’ve guessed it, we’ve just made one now.”

The changes to be made in Gwent will be significant and will include adjustments to the game’s core mechanics and several aesthetic changes. Given that multiple rows don’t showcase the impressive art that went into these cards, the team is planning to remove one of the rows entirely. 

Also, CD Projekt Red revealed that they want to return the franchise to its darker origins and to make Gwent Homecoming “more in sync with the original Witcher lore.” The team will also be redesigning the user interface and menus to compliment the game’s darker tone. Lastly, CD Projekt Red announced a new single-player campaign for Gwent called Thornebreaker, which will include an original story. 

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