CEO Of Moon Studios Calls PS4 Pro "Half-Assed" Compared To Project Scorpio

The head of Moon Studios, who made Ori And The Blind Forest, is calling the PS4 Pro "half-assed" in comparison to Microsoft's Project Scorpio. Thomas Mahler, who is CEO of the company, was quoted in saying the following on a NEOGAF thread...

"I guess since NeoGAF is confsued [sic], Microsoft will need to do a little work to make it clear to everyone that Scorpio isn't just a half-assed upgrade (which the PS4 Pro kinda is...), but a full blown next-gen machine that's just backwards-compatible to your current library."

As Gamespot pointed out, it's definitely worth mentioning that Ori And The Blind Forest was a PC and Xbox One exclusive game, and that Thomas Mahler is no stranger to spouting his mouth to those who will give him attention for it. He was the same guy that took to the web and declared the Nintendo Switch would be garbage back in February of last year simply because his studio wasn't given a dev kit, and I haven't been able to take too much stock in what he's said sense. 

Is Project Scorpio a brand new console or just an incremental upgrade? Recent specs from Digital Foundry seem to indicate the latter, but that's just my opinion.