Check Out BATTLEFRONT 2'S Hidden Character Customization Menu You've Been Missing


Sometimes we find the one thing we were looking for was right in front of us the whole time. Looks like EA managed to hide the most diverse customization menu in Star Wars Battlefront 2, for your character that is, in plain sight! It's not even in a place you wouldn't think to look, yet here I was playing as the basic start-up character designs this whole time.

It's almost incredible how obvious it is now that YouTuber Uninspired Zebra showed it off in this short, self-explanatory video. At least now we can all take the joy in picking our favorite suits and characters to play as while trying to conquer the enemies! Looking forward to seeing different faces on the battlefront like Sullustan and Nikto or my favorite Galactic Republic skin 327.

How many of you missed this menu trying to get into a game quickly rather than paying attention to the simple aesthetics?