Check Out KINGDOM HEARTS 3's Game & Watch Mini-games, Inspired By Classic Disney


Square Enix revealed in a press release that they will be giving players of the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 3 a hint of nostalgia with classic Disney animated shorts from the 1980’s Disney LCD games. 

The mini-games were revealed during last weekend’s Dandelion Meeting, which is the first-ever North American community gathering for Kingdom Hearts Union X (Cross), where over a thousand fans attended. A special video message shown in the event by Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue revealed that new mini-games inspired by the classic Disney cartoons would be playable on both Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union X (Cross). Check out the new footage of the Classic Kingdom gameplay showcasing the mini-game below. 

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom mini-games will feature iconic Mickey Mouse cartoons that would include "Giantland", "The Karnival Kid", "Musical Farmer" and "The Barnyard Battle". These blast-from-the-past mini-games can be accessed on a classic Game & Watch handheld device in-game. The title’s protagonist Sora is seen to be enjoying these Classic Kingdom games on a Game & Watch, as shown in the trailer above. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released sometime this year to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on the nostalgic mini-games found in Kingdom Hearts 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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