Check Out PlayStation's New Totaku Line Of Figurines


PlayStation will launch or at least license a third party company, to release a line of figurines based on some iconic and popular characters from game franchises that made it big on PlayStation or those game series that are exclusive to the console. 

The figurine line will be made by a GameStop company called ThinkGeek. They will initially launch seven figurines, each one about four inches high, and will be called the Totaku Collection. The initial lineup of these Totaku’s includes the following characters: Crash Bandicoot, Kratos from God of War, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Heihachi from the Tekken series, the Feisar FX350 racing ship from Wipeout, Parappa the Rappern, and Bloodborne’s hunter. All figurines will be sold for $9.99 and will be a GameStop exclusive. Check out the images of the Totakus below. 

Now, before you think that PlayStation is just copying the cute figurine line of Nintendo’s amiibo, that may not be the case afterall. Firstly, PlayStation is not the one directly manufacturing these figurines, they just merely handed out licenses of their iconic characters to ThinkGeek, the GameStop company that will manufacture these figurines. Secondly, the Totaku line that will be released will just be figurines. They’re figurines for you to collect without any functionality or interactivity with your PlayStation 4, PS Vita, or any other devices from Sony. 

Still, even with the stripped functionality, these Totaku figurines resemble those of the amiibos. I just hope that the marketing will state clearly that these figurines won’t include any other functionality, or else unaware gamers and children will be disappointed once they try to tap these Totaku’s on their PS4 or worse, on their Nintendo Switch, thinking that these Totakus are amiibos. 

What do you think of the Totaku line of figurines? Are there any iconic characters that you’d like to see have a Totaku?