Check Out Some Gameplay Of DUKE NUKEM 3D: WORLD TOUR

Back when we announced the Duke Nukem 3D remaster was a thing, I was excited for the release. For some reason I thought the game would be getting a substantial graphical upgrade and loads of more content. Seems like I was only half right judging from this gameplay video.

This game is definitely more anniversary edition than remaster, although I think it may have been more or less speculation that it was a remaster. One thing I did notice in the gameplay is that a "rewind" feature has been added in case you die and want to go back and try again. It's kind of bad the shooter has gotten so easy over the years we more or less need a feature like that. WE'VE GROWN SOFT IN OUR OLD AGE. 

While it doesn't seem like much has changed (at least from this gameplay video) the game still looks just as good now as it did then. I can definitely recommend picking this one up if you love shooters and have never played it before.