Check Out The Amazing Looking Online Experience Of WATCH DOGS 2

I say this with a ton of apprehension, but the online experience for Watch Dogs 2 looks pretty amazing. Granted, this is coming from the same publisher who completely s*** the bed with The Division, so I'm a little curious to see if they can actually pull it off. The online experience will feature three modes...

  • Online Co-op- Self explanatory. You'll get to compete with other players in online missions.
  • Online Invasions- Invade other players territory and attempt to hack or defend your stuff from other hackers.
  • Bounty Hunt- If you get too reckless, other players can invade your world and kill you for a prize. If you manage to kill them all before they kill you your reward will be greater!

Like I said earlier it all sounds awesome...but can they pull it off without game breaking glitches? I'm not so sure. Check out the trailer below.