Check Out The Core Gameplay Element In THE SINKING CITY With This Developer Video

It looks like Frogwares is laying into the detective gameplay element for The Sinking City. Originally announced with a mysterious trailer that mainly featured the atmosphere, this video gives a look and explanation into how the game will actually be experienced. A lot of players rely on an objective system and progress guidance, so ensuring that there is literally no hand holding is quite the bold move.

I have to say that a 1920’s Lovecraftian style American city is an intriguing set up though. Seeing how there will be combat, monsters, and a fight to understand what is real and what isn’t, all while trying to seek the truth to the multiple cases that you will come across. This game is going to be loaded with mystery and confusion.

Looks like there will be a much higher attention to detail and care needed to really appreciate The Sinking City. In fact, a bit of carelessness could actually get you lost in a game set up as wildly as this one is set to be. Do you think you have what it takes to find out what caused the supernatural flood in the city?