Check Out The Crazy Trailer For NIER: AUTOMATA That Was Censored For Japanese Television

Nier: Automata is an extreme game, and apparently so are its commercials! This ad you're about to see features two versions: one that can play on Japanese TV and one that cannot.  You can't really appreciate the uncensored until you see the censored first, so take a look at the censored one:

Kind of messed up right? Seeing all those dolls dismembered really makes you wonder how this game will deal with the Androids and their struggle with not being fully human. That answer becomes a bit more clear in the uncensored version:

What...the...f***. I know we take violence on television less serious in America, but even that may be a little extreme for our airwaves! It was jarring enough to see little girl dolls getting crushed and destroyed, but then you take it a step further with that end sequence and, wow. Despite the fact that it may give me nightmares later, it does make me more excited to play Nier: Automata.  The game is out the 23rd on PS4 and coming to PC sometime shortly after.

Source: Kotaku