Check Out The Glorious First Episode Of TellTale Games GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the first episode for Telltale Games take on Guardians Of The Galaxy is amazing, but I had my doubts. Batman was a bit of a misstep for the company, and with Guardians in development, as that series was releasing, I didn't know what to expect. Now that I've seen the first episode, however, all my fears are put to rest! I didn't think they would spring for some 80's music, which is a big part of the GOTG that we know so well, and they not only did that, they made some awesome selections as well. 

Obviously, if you want to go into the game blind don't watch this video, but if you don't mind seeing a bit of the first episode to help you decide whether or not this game is worth your time, knock yourself out! See all of episode one of the game below!