Check Out The Launch Trailer For The Awesome X-MENesque MR. SHIFTY

TinyBuild has a new game out, and it's nothing short of incredible. I've only spent a brief amount of time playing Mr. Shifty, and I'll have my full review up here soon, but I can tell you this game is like X-Men meets Hotline Miami. This game will make you feel like Nightcrawler but if he had the strength of Colossus! In case you were wondering, that's an amazing feeling.

You can phase in and out of enemies line of sight and knock them out before they know what happened, trick them into shooting each other, and a whole lot more. Check out the trailer below, and pick up the game on Nintendo Switch and Steam today. If you're looking for more gameplay, check out our Twitch gameplay of the game (starts at like 4:00) below!