Check Out The Newest RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Update, Ember Rise

Ubisoft has released an in-depth look at the newest operators joining the ranks of Rainbow Six Siege, and they've shown off gameplay on the updated map Kanal. The diverse field of operators in Rainbow Six Siege has enabled a range of strategic possibilities for attackers and defenders. The new combatants continue that streak as they bring wholly unique equipment to the fight. And the second iteration of Kanal has addressed the imbalance that frustrated so many players.

The two new operators are Amaru, an attacker, and Goyo, a defender. And their versatility will upset the current meta, and it will be interesting to see how players best employ their skillset. Amaru brings unparalleled vertical and horizontal movement with her Garra Hook, a useful grappling gun. She can move through barricaded windows and opened hatches to navigate the map with speed. It will make communication important to either ensure her safety when entering or respond to her movements as a defender. Her playstyle will be enhanced by the inclusion of operators like Finka, Ying, or Dokkabei. And players can stymy her impact on the round with the use of defenders like Frost or Kapkan. Goyo, on the other hand, elevates the entry denial capabilities of the defense with the Vulcan Shield. From the front side, the Vulcan is identical to other deployable shields, but Goyo attaches explosive canisters to the backside. Impact on the canister or destruction of the shield detonates the canister and flames encompass a wide area. It will delay entrance for players and could have a great effect on the Bomb mode in Ranked play. Like Amaru, Goyo can be played in tandem with several other operators to make deadly traps for the attackers.

For a better look at these two operators in action, as well as the new design of the Kanal map, check out the footage that Ubisoft released above.