Check Out The Stunning Cinematics In The Latest HALO WARS 2 Trailer

It's not often we see a launch trailer come out weeks before the actual launch of a game, but here we are. Halo Wars 2 still doesn't come out until February 21st, but don't let that stop you from watching this bad ass cinematic trailer giving you the low down on the story! For those that don't know, the main villain in this campaign will not be The Covenant per say, but rather the insanely strong Brute leader Atriox. As you'll learn in the trailer, Atriox was able to rise up against the Covenant at the height of their power, and is seen as a worthy rival to Master Chief. 

A couple months ago the team shared a video just highlighting the history of Atriox which I linked below this. Check it out because it tells an awesome story of a character who has been a big part of the Halo universe in the expanded universe genres. See the newest launch trailer below, and keep in mind that if you pre-order, you can play the game up to 4 days earlier than everyone else!