Check Out the Trailer for SUPER SMASH BROS. for the Nintendo Switch


During March 8’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced a development that many in the Smash community have been looking forward to with bated breath: the next Smash title, a Nintendo Switch installation of the fan-favorite series. Check out the "Smash 5" trailer here:

Although it’s unclear as of yet whether the new Smash game will be partially ported from Smash for Wii U or if it will be a completely novel development, it’s clear that at least some parts of the game have changed. Most notably, Nintendo introduced a new character in the form of Inklings, the stars of Nintendo’s popular Splatoon franchise.

Furthermore, the trailer doesn’t specify a release date, but we know we won’t have to wait too long: the title will release in 2018.

During a period in which criticisms of Smash 4 (and particularly Bayonetta, its metagame-dominating DLC character) have been paired with a decrease in Smash 4 viewership numbers, there’s no doubt that a Smash game for the Switch would reinvigorate the series and bring in droves of new players. If the fate of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is to be repeated, then the majority of Smash 4’s playerbase will move on to the new title. However, Smash 4 is a much more popular—and balanced—game than its predecessor was by the time its competitive scene dwindled down, and the transition might not go as smoothly. Only time can tell what effects Smash for the Nintendo Switch will have on the competitive scene.