Check Out These Upcoming SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Merchandise By TOMY For 2018


As of today, there is still no word on Sonic The Hedgehog games for 2018, however TOMY will be releasing new Sonic merchandise including plush dolls, action figures, and comic books for 2018. The upcoming merchandise will be based on modern, classic, and Sonic Boom characters. Check out the lineup of what collectors can expect for 2018:

Numerous characters that were absent from the past action-figure line of TOMY including the modern Super Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Amy, Eggman, Zavok, and Infinite will all be present on next year’s lineup. The classic line will also be expanding with Metal Sonic, Amy, and Eggman. Tails and Whip will also be available in Chao mini figures, bundled with metallic character art cards and comic books. 

For the comics release, the Sonic Team will not be reprinting past Archie nor IDW comics, but instead, they will be releasing “exclusive” and “never before released” comics with covers showcasing Sonic and Tails as “HERO” and Metal and Eggman as “RIVAL”.

The Sonic Boom franchise continues into 2018, even when information regarding a third season is yet to be announced. Several repaints of existing Sonic Boom figures together with Lord Eggman and Parallel Universe Eggman variants, Sonic and friends in sports attire, and several others will be available on TOMY’s 2018 lineup of Sonic merchandise. Check out the full TOMY 2018 catalog here


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