Check Out This Awesome Looking Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro!


Alright Kingdom Hearts fans, the previously announced limited edition console for Kingdom Hearts 3 has an official release date! Launching alongside Kingdom Hearts 3 on January 29, 2019 for $399 this limited edition PS4 Pro is looking pretty sleek. With designs inspired by the franchise the console also features a “leather-texture” finish that sounds most intriguing. Along with the console, the limited edition set also comes with a matching Dual Shock 4 controller and physical deluxe edition of Kingdom Hearts 3 in a steelbook case. The set also includes exclusive PS4 digital content, hard cover art book and an exclusive Sora pin. For those of you looking to add this console to your collections just be aware that it is a Game Stop exclusive so get those pre-orders in sooner than later.

This is one of my favorite limited edition PS4 consoles to date with its sleek design and unique leather finish. I mean seriously is the whole console going to have a soft touch finish applied to it?! I am bummed out it is a Game Stop exclusive which will make getting the console harder for some of us but hopefully not so limited it will be sold out in 10 minutes. What do you all think of the design of the Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro? Are you going to try and pick one up or will the game be enough to satisfy your Kingdom Hearts love? let us know below!