Check Out This Incredible Super Famicom Skin For The Nintendo Switch

By now the internet is bursting at its virtual seams with custom paint jobs and skins for the Nintendo Switch and there's some really amazing stuff out there yet still nothing that I'd consider putting on my Neon version Switch that I poured so much sweat and tears over to obtain at launch. Today, however, I think I've seen the design that might make me reconsider. 

The design comes from Korean company, POP Skin, as a custom design job for a super fan out there that had previously worked with them to create this Famicom Wii U skin:

The logical and natural progression of things was of course to go next gen for the Nintendo Switch, and that is how we ended up with this amazing looking design that emulates the Super Famicom, which in case you need some background, is the Japanese version of what came to be known as the Super Nintendo in the American Continent. I'm particularly impressed with the attention to all possible details of the console both old and new to not just add Super Famicom-like colors and shapes but to actually make it functional and dynamically integrate the skin's design with the Switch's own design as you can appreciate in the following gallery:

You can also watch the full application process here:

Now, if you're curious about potential damage to the surface of the Switch from the skin's adhesive here's the 30 days later video so you can judge for yourself:

The design is offered in several package options:

1. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN full set (Console + Joy-Cons, Dock, Grip, Straps): $70.00(USD)

2. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN set (Console + Joy-Cons): $30.00(USD)

3. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN set (Dock): $30.00(USD)

4. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN set (Joy-Cons + Grip): $20.00(USD)

5. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN set (Joy-Cons + Straps): $20.00(USD)

6. Nintendo Switch POP SKIN set (Pro Controller): $20.00(USD)

Finally, if you're interested in getting your hands on one of these, you can find the designer's direct email in the comments section of the YouTube video.

Source: NintendoEverything

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