Check Out This Hilarious Geralt In A Bathtub Statue

Photo via Polygon

Photo via Polygon

Among the many amazing moments in CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3, probably one of the most memorable one was the the time when Geralt, the protagonist of the game, was having his own personal “me time” in a bathtub. If you think that’s weird, then check out this new figure depicting Geralt’s bath time by Dark Horse. 

In the past, Dark Horse has released several high quality figures, busts, and accessories from The Witcher series. The latest to join that lineup is the Geralt in the bath statue that was revealed at the New York Toy Fair this week. The release date for this statue is still to be announced by Dark Horse and Polygon even reported that CD Projekt Red still needs a little bit of convincing to release this figure. Besides the unannounced release date, the color scheme of the statue and the price tag, if it’ll ever be released, are still yet to be finalized, so it’s probably going to take some time before you get one. Well, if you plan to anyway. 

If you’re interested, check out the different angles of the statue as photographed by the guys at Polygon:

This Geralt in the bath statue is definitely an unusual concept as it takes away from the traditional depiction of a video game character. Normally, we see RPG heroes depicted carrying a sword and shield, slaying enemies, and doing actiony stuff that we expect from a monster slaying tough guy such as Geralt. However, Dark Horse’s latest figure showed a different and more intimate portrayal of Geralt, which is a refreshing take on how video game action figures are depicted. 

What do you think about Dark Horse’s latest iteration of our favorite witcher? Are you interested in adding this statue on your collection? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below.