Check Out This Impressive Fan-Made Prologue Of The First WITCHER Game

It has been 10 years since The Witcher introduced us to Geralt of Rivia and his company of amazing and lovable characters. CD Projekt Red, the developer for the series even made a tribute video marking the milestone. Now, a Witcher fan created an amazing mod for The Witcher 3 that added a completely overhauled prologue of the first game remade in a new engine. The video is short, but it looked amazing and showed how incredible the first game would look like if created with today’s technology.

The first Witcher game is not as popular as its successors especially the third (and reportedly the last) entry in the series. As good as the first game was, it has not aged well in terms of visuals and overall feel. However, for anyone interested in having a glimpse of Geralt’s origins, the short video is a bittersweet preview of what an old game transformed using today’s technology can look like.

The mod is created by modder Erxv, which added the remade prologue in The Witcher 3. Although only the prologue is remastered, this may entice people who have only played Witcher 2 or 3 and is interested in knowing how the series began. 

Erxv’s mod did not only recreate scenes from the game but also provided voice overs. The mod took almost a year to complete but the results are astounding. Check out some comparison photos below of the original prologue and the one in the mod. 

The mod is definitely a heartwarming glimpse of the Witcher’s origins and although CD Projekt Red has no plans to create a sequel to The Witcher 3, maybe this mod can inspire them to remake the first game. What are your thoughts on the mod? Which game in the series served as your entry point in the world of The Witcher

Source: Kotaku