CHEX QUEST 3 Has Officially Been Released For Free!


Chex Quest has to arguably be one of the greatest cereal pack-ins of all time! For those of you to young to have been around for its original run back in 1996, it was basically a free Doom clone that was packaged in with every box of Chex cereal. For those of us who wanted to play Doom back in the day, but had parents that didn’t like such demon slaying violence, Chex Quest was the perfect replacement! Combat and puzzle solving were all here but minus the gore that made most parents squirm. After the first Chex Quest episode was released another episode, titled Chex Quest 2, was released in 1997 and the series faded from light to become a fun nostalgic novelty about a better time for cereal pack-ins.

This wasn’t the end of Chex Quest franchise however. Charles Jacobi the original creator of Chex Quest, had continued to work on the series unofficially and created a third episode titled Chex Quest 3! This unofficial third chapter in the game has been available for some time if you knew what you were looking for but General Mills Cereal decide to simplify the process. A new throwback site has been created to host the Chex Quest games and with it the official release of Chex Quest 3 as an official game. Chex Quest 3 is a free download and includes every episode of the Chex Quest saga so if you missed it the first time around go snag this 8 meg download ASAP! The download utilizes the ZDoom engine so it can support modern PC’s and display resolutions so no excuses for why you should'n’t try it out got it! Jacobi also has stated that the next chapter for Chex Quest will be an HD remake of the very first episode. Hopefully we will see more on that as time passes.

What are some of your favorite Chex Quest memories? Share them below!