Chocobo Riding and Fishing in FINAL FANTASY XV

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Square Enix revealed some new footage from the upcoming 15th entry in the Final Fantasy series. Everything we've seen of this game thus far has been an incredibly unique mix of the widely popular open-world game style with some Square Enix... how do I put this, "weirdness"? Final Fantasy games have always been so unusually individual. It's cool to see a staple of the franchise making a very beautifully rendered appearance. I'm assuming the Chocobo will be used to cross rough terrain that your trendy luxury car just can't handle. Mostly, I just think it looks like a load of fun exploring such a stunningly crafted world on the back of my favorite big yellow bird (Sorry, Big Bird, you play second fiddle to these "warbly" bastards). I think this is shaping up to be an awesome Final Fantasy game, and the open world is a nice breath of fresh air after FFXIII. Also there is fishing or whatever. (They try to make it more intense than it is, but all in all it's just fishing.)

Thumbnail Artist: Yvonne Albrecht

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