CHROMOGUN Is Finally Available On All Platforms

As of the 22nd of this month, Chromogun by Pixel Maniacs is available to be played on the Nintendo Switch. The games port to the latest generation console for Nintendo officially puts this indie game on every platform available today! It isn't often that you see games on every platform, especially indie games, but it is nice to know that this color puzzle game has made it to the portable screen.

I remember reviewing Chromogun for the Playstation 4 not long ago and how much I truly enjoyed the intricate puzzles that surround the place. I love that it is set up with chambers and even has an intense moment of the game where it seems that it is all falling apart. Great homage to the obvious inspiration of the game, Portal.

Now that the game is available to be taken anywhere, players will get the rack their brains around solving the challenges within while on the go or waiting in line while running errands around town.


The Nintendo Switch is having a great run so far, having become the home of indie games over the last year with the list of games continuing to grow. As Nintendo is hoping to reach over 20 million sales in 2018, the more they can expand their library of games for players, the better. Chromogun is a great addition and I hope that it runs just as well on the Switch as it does on the other consoles.

With the launch now on all platforms, how many of you are excited to finally get a chance to play it? Do you plan on picking up Chromogun for the switch or have you already gotten your fill of the game from another platform?