CHRONO TRIGGER And CHRONO CROSS Are Finally Getting An Orchestrated Soundtrack!


There are few soundtracks I love as much as Chrono Cross. I listen to various melodies from the game even today nearly 20 years on from its release. It felt like Chrono Cross’ musical prowess would never get its day in the spotlight like Final Fantasy however. Final Fantasy has had numerous concerts and orchestral recordings of its tracks over the years. Now it seems the time has finally come for the Chrono franchise to get its proper recognition!

Square Enix has announced that both Chrono Cross and its widely more popular progenitor Chrono Trigger will be getting new orchestrated albums! Each game will be receiving a stand alone album that will feature 8 tracks and a special box set will also be available that contains both albums and a 3rd bonus disk. Both albums will be available in Japan later this year for around $30 each or $75 for the box set. For anyone interested in importing, pre-orders are now live over on Play-Asia!

A concert series for the new albums have also been announced for the dates of September 7, 2019 and October 27, 2019 for Osaka and Tokyo respectively. no info about set-list hes yet to be given for the 2 shows as of this time. If you are interested in hearing some snippets of the new soundtracks check out the video above!

I personally love seeing the Chrono games getting this recognition finally! What do you all think about the new albums?

Source: VGMO