CHRONO TRIGGER Is Now Available On The PC, But Fans Are Not Happy


Square Enix recently surprised players by releasing Chrono Trigger on the PC, which made fans of the game jump with joy. However, after several hours, players were quickly disappointed after learning the fact that the PC version of the game is just a direct port of the mobile version of Chrono Trigger, which was released for iOS and Android devices. 

It seems that the main drawback of the game is that the controls were not optimized for the PC. Furthermore, fans were disappointed with the poor sprite filtering, and bad fonts. Several players took their frustrations in the review section of the game on Steam, calling out Square Enix’s decision to not optimize the game for the PC. 

 “A very lazy port of the mobile version of the game. The tap overlay is still there as if you should be clicking it with a mouse even when you play with a gamepad. Just overall bad UI and the aliasing of the sprites is excessive,” says a review on Steam by Lil' Sassy.

The game’s overall reception in Steam is mixed, but has more negative votes than positive. However, some players still saw the bright side of the game pointing out that it is still Chrono Trigger and that the drawbacks does not effect the awesome experience the game provides. One review said that: 

“Chrono Trigger is an amazing game! I don’t see a problem with the PC version of the game at all. The game plays fine and looks decent for a 20 year old + game. I will admit this might be a lazy port from the mobile version but the original SNES game is here with the added content of the Playstation 1 version and Nintendo DS version," one Reddit user said. 

Given the mixed reviews on Steam, the most definite way to see if this version will work for you is to try it out for yourself. Besides, Steam offers a full refund of the game if you feel that this version is not for you. 

What do you think about Chrono Trigger on PC? Are you planning to try it out? Or would you rather wait for a more PC friendly version, if Square Enix decide to release one?

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