Chucklefish Announces INMOST, A Puzzle-Platformer To Release In 2019

Chucklefish Games, publisher of the hit-indie title Stardew Valley, has announced a new project called Inmost, which is set to release sometime in 2019. 

Inmost is an “atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer” that is developed by Hidden Layer Games. The game puts players in control of three playable characters that will each have their own personality and gameplay but has a one dark and interconnecting story. 

“Set partly in an old abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, slice your way through enemies and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that lurks within,” says Chucklefish in a blog post. “You may even discover a secret passage if you look close enough. Inmost feels ghoulishly atmospheric to play and features some truly beautiful pixel art design. You can really tell that each pixel has been placed with the utmost love, care and attention to detail.”

Inmost is slated to release sometime in 2019. Currently, there is still no confirmation on which platforms the game will be released to. 

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