We have said a lot of things about Citadel: Forged With Fire and its many aspects of gameplay. Here is a list of some of the things you can do within the first few hours; learn all sorts of magic, craft a bunch of weapons and gear, make and cook a bunch of different foods, tame wildlife, create and fly on a broom. This is literally what you can do with only a few hours and a few things unlocked. However, this game is WAY deeper than I expected. Let me repeat myself, there is a CRAZY, VAST AMOUNT OF CONTENT HERE. I have had only a couple of hours in the game, but here is what I can see down the line when it hits Xbox One, Playstation 4 and leaves early access on Steam. All of the fun combat, cool armor and weapons are great, but after my time with the game, I want to specifically about what the game could and probably would be like after a couple of months and further. So I will be focusing on leveling, player interactions, and end game. My playtime has been on an early Playstation 4 build and server which is missing a few of the upcoming updates and possible changes upon release.


Most role-playing games have a lot of skill trees and ability growth, but Citadel basically makes those other skill trees look like Candy Land. There are three full pages of skills and things to unlock while leveling. So, if a player wants to just farm materials and put all of his or her energy into building castles, all skills can be put into that. If you want to be the ultimate war machine, the most overpowered mage or a super dragon tamer, you can focus all your efforts into those or any other possibility/combination that you would want.


I guess what I am trying to say is that this game really allows players to play whatever kind of game they want. Do you want to slay the biggest and badest enemies in the game? Do you want to create an impenetrable fortress and rule the server? Do you want to capture and tame every species available? You can do these and more or a mix of them with a smooth, well pace leveling system and deep ability trees and progression.

Player Interaction

Citadel: Forged With Fire will host PVP and PVE maps. These different serves can be either officially hosted ones with standard rules, open ones hosted by other players with a variety of rules and options, or private servers with other players coming with invites. With this wide variety of places to play the game, and creating characters in each place, a player can basically live multiple lives with various paths, choices, and gameplay focus.

Aside from the various servers and places to play, there is just so much to do with other people inside one server. Players can build together, hunt animals together, they can create groups and war with other players. They can explore caves and take on extremely powerful bosses to find exclusive loot and rewards. All the great things that can be done in this game is just enhanced with another person there to tag along and help in the journey.

To The End and Beyond

There is a lot to do here, I would approximate at least 40 hours or more to unlock most things and be able to explore most of the game. But, what can players look forward to afterward is almost better than everything before. There are a few end game bosses that are super, crazy tough that offer unique rewards. There are amazing and diverse animals to tame. Also, as you hit higher levels, players can unlock ways to reap resources much faster than before too, allowing for players to worry about and work on the creativity of building and customizing instead of just collecting trees for days. There is just so much to continue to do after unlocking everything, players can set up special kind of PVP battles, create wild castles and structures through the whole map and many more things.

This is truly is a fantasy sandbox, it looks great, plays well and allows for players to make their own story, their own journey, and their own life in this fantasy world. Citadel: Forged With Fire is coming to consoles on November 1st and is currently on Steam with early access. Let us know why you’re excited to play and what is the first thing you’ll do in the game.