Clear Argument That SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Is Not A Port

It seems that there has been some debate in the Super Smash Bros community since the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate at E3 2018. The debate is between those who believe that Ultimate is simply a port of Smash 4, aka Brawl, some who say it is an updated Smash 4 and have been calling it "Smash 4.5," and then those who claim Ultimate is indeed a new game.

I, for one, think this debate is moronic as the game is very clearly a brand new game. Yes, they used the same engine as Brawl, but there are so many changes that it is ridiculous to not think it's a new game. To list a few:

  • Old Stages Remastered and New Stages Added with a Few Removed
  • Old Characters Brought Back and New Characters Added
  • New Game Modes
  • New Costumes
  • New Move Sets
  • Changes and Updates to the Game Mechanics
  • Damage Dealt Increased

There's so many reasons that point to this being a new game and the only somewhat understandable argument out there is that "the gameplay shown looked just like a better looking version of Brawl." The reason this is invalid is because we are looking at gameplay featuring players of the Smash 4 community. This means you saw them play a game that has some familiarity to a game that they have mastered in full. None of them properly used any new moves or tried new combos. They played the game the same way they are used to, so of course it looked the same as the previous title!

If this isn't enough to convince you, this YouTuber known as Dendri does a pretty good job breaking it down. While I don't agree with the language use, his points are very similar to mine. Take a listen:

Before we wrap this up, I wanted to add a note about Waluigi being an assist trophy and not a playable character. It makes complete sense! Waluigi has no background or games featuring him as the main character or even as the main antagonist. He doesn't have any form of move set to go off of as his best roles are in the random sports games that Nintendo makes featuring the Mario franchise.

So I ask the Smash Community, can we just be happy that we are getting the best version of Super Smash Bros they could of possibly have given us?