Cliff Bleszinski Says Gears Of War 3 Is His Favorite Entry

When it comes to the best Gears of War I'm a GOW2 guy, although I know most would say they like the original overall. Creator Cliff Bleszinski disagrees with both of us and tells IGN he likes GOW3 the most...

"that's where we really honed things and had dedicated servers and everything. We had multiple game types, different characters, women in the battle.... It was cool."

Sounds like he's referring to the multiplayer aspect, which most people would agree with. He's also looking at it not as a fan, but as the man who saw his creation develop over three installments. You would hope that every current game would become his favorite as that means it fit his idea of what the franchise should be. Let's hope that GOW4 lives up to the series standard for Cliff and fans!