CLOSE TO THE SUN Post Launch Trailer To Celebrate Release

With the alternate history horror adventure title Close to the Sun officially launched on the Epic Games store, developers Storm in a Teacup and publisher Wired Productions have released a launch trailer. Set in a world where Nikola Tesla became the victor in the electricity race that our real world Thomas Edison won, you will be put aboard a ship known as the Helios as you follow the cryptic note sent to you by your sister.

It appears that this will be a defenseless horror game that will weigh heavily on the atmosphere and surroundings to bring the fear over the use of enemies and monsters. Full of steampunk styled gear and dark atmosphere, this is one horror game that is looking quite enticing. Let’s hope that the experience it provides is one to remember as well.

If you are interested in getting this game, but would prefer it to be on console, then your wait won’t be long as they plan to bring Close to the Sun to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2019.