Clueless Mom Almost Sells Son's Rare MAGIC Collection For $9

I'm sure so many reading this know how this story goes all too well. Geeky kid goes off to college, mom enters kid's old room to clear some things out, mom accidentally sells something incredibly valuable because she's not a nerd like the child she raised. Typically, I hear about this happening with retro game consoles, which aren't nearly as bad as what this Japanese mom almost did!

This mom found a collection of her son's Magic cards and decided to clear some space by offering them up online via an auction site for the Japanese equivalent of nine dollars. You see that card in the above picture with the black arrow pointing to it? That's the mythical Black Lotus which auctions for around $27,000 easy. Needless to say, people jumped on the offer quick.

Luckily, when bids started approaching $5,000 the mother called the whole thing off saying her son had angrily contacted her and she was pulling the item in an attempt to reconcile their relationship. Sounds like the son wasn't happy with his mom selling cards behind his back, but would you really get that mad over an honest mistake? At the end of the day, the cards are still where they belong, so maybe he should cut his mom a break. Anyone else ever had a similar experience?

Source: Kotaku