Co-Creator of Sonic Joins Square Enix


Yuji Naka the creator of the beloved Sonic franchise has big news for the gaming world. Yesterday it was announced that he will be joining the Square Enix team as a potential programmer.  You might recognize some of his other work as well as he was a part of the team that created games like Nights Into Dreams and Phantasy Star Online and of course Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis. 

It was announced in December that he was studying a varying degree of programming languages like C#, PHP as well as learning how to develop on the Unity game engine. The tweet also claims that this was the first time he had been programming/developing in almost 20 years, meaning he has been sitting and working in a management role since then. It will be interesting to see what Yuji does and what will happen with him working at the infamous Square Enix.  

 A Couple weeks later he sent out another tweet, this time confirming that he has indeed joined Square Enix


What projects would you like to see him on? What do you think he will bring to the table as a programmer? Are you excited for the move? Let us know!