Color Puzzle Game CHROMAGUN Is Coming To PSVR


The Portal-like puzzle game, ChromaGun by Pixel Maniacs, is launching into PSVR on February 19th. While this title was originally launched on Steam back in 2016 and then on console in 2017, which is when I had a chance to review this intricate puzzle game, this will be the first ever Virtual Reality adaptation for ChromaGun. If you haven’t heard about this game yet, it is definitely worth checking out as majority of its player base, including myself, really enjoyed the adventure and challenges it presented. Check out the PSVR trailer:

Not only will you be able to play this game in VR with your Dualshock 4 controller, but it will also be playable with the Aim Controller! This entire port was completed by a single programmer on the Pixel Maniacs team, which has been working on it since the launch of the game onto the console platform. The fact that it isn’t on Steam VR yet technically makes this a PSVR exclusive; at least until further mentioning that it will be on other platforms.

How many Chromatec puzzles will you be able to solve?