Degrees of Separation looks to be a wonderful story of adventure and exploration of a relationship with the gameplay based around platforming puzzles. The people from Moondrop and Modus Games have worked with accomplished game writer Chris Avellone to present his story in this beautiful game. The game follows Ember and Rime who control the seasons of summer and winter as they work together through the world and continue their personal stories and journeys.

Degrees of Separation’s gameplay is focused on the literal incarnation of the title, a game where the puzzles are solved by the position and sometimes the proximity of the two on-screen characters. This game can be played by oneself by moving both people separately or at the same time. However, this game comes to life and will work best when two people can play through the game together and enjoy the stories and puzzle solving together.

This game arrives February 14th, so grab a friend or significant other and enjoy a story and co-op puzzle platformer for the day!