Comedic FPS Game POSTAL 4: NO REGERTS Hits Steam's Early Access

The true long-awaited sequel for the game that was fondly called “The Worst Game Ever,” aka Postal 2, is finally available for players to rip in to. While it may only have Steam’s early access version of the game currently, this is certainly a game that many people have been looking forward to for quite some time. That game is Postal 4: No Regerts, the latest installment in the series from Running With Scissors. This is not a typo; this is how they spell the official title.

Bringing back the ability to fight with animals, including cat guns, pigeon mines, and other crazy weapon ideas like a boomerang machete, this first-person shooter title truly lets players do whatever they want. Whether you like to play with a pacifist mindset, exploring the sandbox world freely or would rather going on a rampage through town, hijacking scooters and killing people with the variety of weaponry you have in stock. The open-world game is available now for all those who wish to play it.

Postal 4: No Regerts is going to be set up similar to Postal 2 where they feature 5 days, Monday through Friday, but the current version only has a part of Monday on it. The Co-op still needs to be added as well. There is no telling how long the game will take to reach its final completion, but they did provide a road map.

Are you ready to, once again, go Postal on this city?