Comedic Tactical Platformer MOO LANDER Releases A Free Demo

One of the things everybody enjoys is being able to interact or, better yet, play as an alien life form in a video game. Taking this concept and creating a full experience of fun and challenges is The Sixth Hammer with their upcoming game Moo Lander. Planning to launch on Steam sometime in Q1 2020, this team has plenty to offer and show off, but they are starting things off with a free demo for all to try out!

Despite how silly this may sound up front, it seems like they have a lot to offer with this game concept. Players can expect to come across multiple environments, a wide variety of enemies to defeat, challenging Cow bosses to tame, and plenty of puzzles to solve. It even offers you the chance to play with up to four friends, both local and online, instead of just leaving you to play this game alone.

Honestly, I was going to pass this one up myself, but the amount of different aspects they offer caught my attention. Then I took a moment to watch their trailer and couldn’t help but think it looked more interesting and fun than it didn’t. So you can bet I will be trying out this demo and giving this strange little comedy game a chance. Check out the trailer and see if this is a game you might want to give a chance as well.