Command & Conquer Remasters In the Works!

Last month EA teased the possibility of remastering some of its classic Command & Conquer titles to celebrate the series 23 years. Today EA has announced that not only will they deliver on this remaster, they will be doing 2! Both the original Command & Conquer: Tiberium Dawn, released in September of 1995, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, released in November of 1996, are going to be remastered in full 4K! To further sweeten the deal all the expansions released for both games are also going to be included!

To ensure the authenticity of these remasters EA has partnered with Petroglyph Games. Petroglyph is staffed by many members of the original Westwood development team that worked on these classics so the choice is a no brainer! To further add to my excitement for the authenticity of these remasters, it has been announced that Frank Klepacki is re-joining Petroglyph to handle the role of Audio Director! Development on these new remasters has not officially begun yet so expect to see more news about the project in the coming months. I personally can’t wait!