Companion Fairies Are Coming To BLACK DESERT ONLINE

Fairies have always been a big part of fantasy stories and have even become iconic companions to heroes in stories like Peter Pan and Zelda. Providing help, guidance, and plenty more benefits, fairies are coming to aid players within the world of Black Desert!

Companion fairies are peaceful creatures that enjoy the flowers and make life more pleasurable. Meet Laila, the first fairy to have bravely gone on an adventure and find herself within Black Desert Online

Players can seek Laila fairies as a companion in their journey by completing a recurring quest. Each can learn different skills that benefit their characters. Laila has four different tiers, where the tier indicates the maximum level of which the fairy can grow to. At every 10 levels, Laila will be able to obtain a random skill. All fairies automatically learn and equip the Luck +1 skill which increases the chance of obtaining rare items. 

Her skills help in numerous ways, but the one most players will find helpful is that she can be a light though the darkness thanks to her glow. Other skills include auto-purified water consumption, underwater breathing, instant resurrection without penalties, and auto-potion consumption when HP is low.

Players can level Laila by feeding her equipment, such as Rocaba and Grunil, or the item Sweet Honey Wine, which is a craftable item. The level cap for the highest tier fairy is 40.

With so many perks to have Laila the fairy as a companion, I don't see why any player would choose not to have her! Let's hope that the recurring quest doesn't prove to be more of a chore than actually fun. With the fairies update expect this week, are you excited to get your own fairy companion in Black Desert Online?