Company Making Nintendo Switch Projector Dock That Could Be A Game Changer

A new Nintendo Switch accessory is looking to change the game, and provided it delivers on all it says it can, it sounds like a dream. The OJO boasts that it will be the mobile solution for docked big-screen gaming on the Switch and claims users can enjoy 30in to 120in displays on its projector. Check out the specs and continue on for a demo and more:

That's a lot to promise, and while it sounds awesome, it's worth noting that the manufacturer of YesOJO is an unproven company. Even so, one can't help but get a little excited at watching this video of the projector in action:

The company plans to fund their project via Indiegogo, which almost feels like an immediate red-flag anymore with super ambitious projects such as this, but those who gamble might see a very big payoff. No price has been listed for what this bad boy may run, but if you were to see a working model that did all it promised...what is the max you would pay?

Source: Nintendo Life