CONAN EXILES Officially Available Via Steam Early Access

After much to-do and griping and controversy about whether or not people should pay full price for "early-access" titles, Conan Exiles is now up on the Steam store. Players can opt in for the digital experience at just $29.99, or pay $59.99 for some additional swag centered around the Conan universe. The best news is that $59.99 price tag doesn't come with content that players who play $29.99 won't be able to access, which I personally am grateful for.

Footage I've seen of the game varies wildly from this launch trailer, but obviously, those of you who are familiar with "early-access" know that you're playing an incomplete game that will continue to evolve and develop as you get in. The real question is, are you going to pop in now or wait until the development fleshes out a little more? If you got some money to blow and want to check it out, find it on the Steam store here. Conan Exiles is also set to come to Xbox One sometime this Spring.